Morong Star Hotel and Resort

No. 1 Hotel and Resort

Morong Star provides outstanding service, a captivating environment, and luxurious amenities. We are committed to making your stay unforgettable because you are our number 1.



About Us

Dubbed as “The Sunniest Place in Bataan,” Morong star Hotel and Resort boasts elegant and modern rooms designed to give you an indulgent stay. 

Started from a humble beginning, the place was just a family vacation place. Later on, it was developed and became a private resort with cabanas. The resort was first called ”Morning Star Beach Resort.” Years passed, thousands of tourists enjoyed the clean shoreline and restful ambiance of the place. 

The development went on, and now the resort is known as Morongstar Hotel and Resort as it offers luxurious rooms some room offers a generous private balcony where one can relax and soak in the view and the stunning sunsets near the West Philippine Sea. Everything in the place is planned and built to pamper you. 

You may also experience various activities and adventures. Aside from that, the hotel serves cuisines that you’ll surely enjoy.

Awards & Recognition

  • Best Beach Resort and Hotel by Golden Globe Annual Awards 2015
  • Most Outstanding Recreational Beach Resort and Hotel by National Customers’ Choice Annual Awards 2015
  • Most Outstanding and innovative Beach Resort and Hotel by National Customers’ Choice Annual Awards 2015
  • Top Choice Premier Beach Resort by Philippine Top Choice Awards for Excellence 2016
  • Best Quality Service Hotel Resort by the National Product Quality Excellence Awards 2016
  • Most Outstanding Beach Resort and Hotel by Philippine Social Media Star Brand Awards 2017
  • Best Recreational Beach Resort and Hotel by Best Choice Awards
  • Number 1 Resort and Hotel by Buyer’s Choice Awards
  • Most Outstanding Recreational Hotel and Resort by 
  • National Customers Choice Annual Awards
  • Premier Deluxe Hotel and Resort by Elite Business Excellence Awards
  • Best Choice Beach Resort and Hotel by Netizens Best Choice Awards
  • Star Brand Innovative Hotel and Beach Resort by Social Media Awards 2019
  • Best Hotel and Resort 2019 by Universal Achievement Awards 2019